Role models

December 9, 2009


The H&M Dare

December 9, 2009

So, I know we haven’t written¬† here in a while, but that’s because we are soooo incredibly busy!
Anyways, I’m here to post our next dare. Yesterday, while shopping for stuff for a photoshoot with Raelli, Tamara en Stefanie, Raelli came up with a dare for me (Claire).
She wanted me to go to the counter and tell them that I was looking for someone and if they could use the public microphone to call for Tamara.
To make it look more believable I made up a story that i was there whilst babysitting and that I now had lost the kid and her name was Tamara Jimenez.

“Can Tamara Jimenez please come to the escalators please!”

The First Dare

September 15, 2009

So we were sitting in the school’s library doing homework when we started to think about our school assignmet for Crosslab. We made a Twitter account ( so that people could post short Dares. The idea was that we’d do those dares and tape them and put them on this wonderful website.
Fact was that we didn’t really came up with any creative dares yet, so we thought it was time to come up with and actually execute a dare.
We started to goof around a little bit and than I told Riemkje to jump up on the table, do a little dance and scream ‘Woohoo!’ so she did.
And here’s the result: